Hello, World!

YouTube Channel header for Nando Cuca’s Brazilian Recipes

Logo/illustration for The Body Shop’s programme of Bio Bridges, which purchases land in key locations to allow endangered species to move between reservations without ever leaving a protected environment.
What weird and wonderful character creation Johnny Depp come up with next. The Biography Channel commissioned us to create a 'dress-up' game allowing you to create over 1 million suggestions of what Johnny's next character would be, give it a name and sent it to friends. The game was played hundreds of thousands of times in the period of a year.
Illustrations by Nando Farah / Flash development by Michele Lavarini 
Nothing better to top up your creative juices than leaving the computer desk behind and go in search of collaborative work of the truest kind. So I was very excited to take part in this small theatre production and get a chance to tread the boards with a fine group of people. And of course I very happy to volunteer to design the posters and flyers, created the set design and supply a very dubious impersonation of  'the voice of Woody'.
Little Illustration and animation I created for the Google Next 2018 conference in San Francisco. The Illustration was done in Adobe Illustrator and, since it was so simple, I actually animated it in Apple’s Keynote.
Book cover for Brazilian/Israeli author Denise Motta Feit