Every slide in a deck requires great thought and attention. They are the pages of our story book – carrying the reader to our chosen conclusion and depositing them there in the right frame of mind. 

By designing decks which are memorable, clean, consistent, peppered with striking visuals and uncommon compositions,
I aim to give the audience a simple road to follow and many attractions along to the way to hold their attention and cement the right ideas in their mind.

I relish the opportunity to work directly with the presenters and help them hone their story and pick the right visuals.

Stories gets a bit lost in an ocean of bullet-points and antiquated charts. My job is to provide a fresh pair of eyes and ensure their ideas are clear to others. 

The sample slides below are taken from recent projects. For more recent work please download my CV. I also upload many recent presentation design samples to my instagram feed.

Please note: The content has been modified or obfuscated to protect clients' sensitive information but the layouts closely match the slides I developed for clients.


Nando Farah, Presentation Specialist - Keynote Specialist London - PowerPoint Specialist London