The legacy of Cuca Brazuca

It was 2005, YouTube had just started and I thought it would be a great medium to show our TV production clients how we could help them edit and publish their work online.

I ran a boutique web design company and we knew a lot about the web business. We needed an example of what we could do on field of producing and publishing video online. No one wanted to be on camera, so I came up with this idea of doing a ‘Jamie’ and talking about one of m favourite subjects on camera - Brazilian Food!

We made a couple of dozen videos, with increasing production value, filmed TV pilots, flew to Rio for some local expertise, interviewed guests and cooked and ate a lot of food. Our channel is still live on YouTube, accruing views, and I still answer the odd comment (and they are odd!) Those were great years.

Along the way I was even invited to write a book on the subject, which you can still buy on Amazon.

In 2015, after 10 years of intense learning, I decided to shelve the project and turn all my energies to my other passion - graphic design. But if you have a great idea for Brazilian Cuisine project… LET ME KNOW!